660™ Vinyl (PVC) Shower Pan Liner Solvent Cement

Product Description and Features

Specially formulated for joining the seams of vinyl shower pan liners, the Weld-On 660 PVC Shower Pan Liner Solvent Cement produces long-lasting, water-resistant bonds. This fast-drying solvent cement provides instant strength, which increases as the solvent dissipates. To use, simply apply the clear PVC solvent cement to the desired shower pan liner seams, press them together, and hold for a few seconds until you feel the “grab” begin. The bond strength will be good within a few minutes and excellent within 24-48 hours, continuing to strengthen for weeks. This solvent cement has a working time of 2-20 minutes and can be used on both wet and dry surfaces.

  • Fast-drying solvent cement for PVC shower pan liners
  • Good bond strength develops within a few minutes and is excellent within 24-48 hours; continues to strengthen for weeks
  • Low-VOC formula reduces solvent emissions for a better working environment






Pint Can PVC Shower Pan Liner Solvent Cement



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