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New Test Dome™ Coupling

The Test Tite® Test Dome Coupling™ (TDC) provides a safe and economical way to pressure test DWV systems without the need for specialized tools. Read more

New VIP Series™ Pneumatic Test Plug

Test-Tite® has introduced a new addition to our DWV test plugs family with the innovative single-size pneumatic plug design. Read more

New Pump Accessories

FloodStop® pump accessories are universal solutions to help homeowners extend or enhance the life of their sump pumps. See more

About IPS Corporation

IPS®… the Plumbing Industry’s Pioneer

Through continuous innovation for over a half century, IPS Corporation is enabling plumbers to do a faster, more professional job. We were first to produce a reliable cement for use with PVC, CPVC, and ABS pipe and fittings, and first to introduce plastic recessed washing machine and ice maker outlet boxes. Today our industry leading products are proudly manufactured at facilities throughout the world and available through a nationwide network of customer-focused distributors. Read more