FloodStop® is a of point-of-use leak detection device that automatically shuts off the water supply to the appliance the moment a leak is detected. Once water is detected, the motorized ball valves close and sound an alarm. FloodStop® devices limit potentially devastating flood damage, allowing the plumber, builder, and homeowner to have peace-of-mind knowing no flood caused by an appliance will go unnoticed.

More than one in five homeowners submit insurance claims related to water damage each year. Appliance line failures account for 30% of all water damage claims. Consequently, many insurance companies often require water detection devices to be installed to maintain your homeowner’s policy coverage after a claim related to water damage.

IPS Corporation® recommends that homeowners talk to their insurance policy agent to inquire about policy discounts. FloodStop® can provide peace-of-mind in protecting your home against flood damage by instantly and automatically shutting off the water supply to an appliance or fixture the moment a leak is detected. Whether you are at home or away, FloodStop® will help you STOP FLOOD DAMAGE BEFORE IT EVER STARTS™.

We can help agents, brokers, or buyers, with our cost-effective, leak-detection solutions for your clients or properties. Give us a call today!


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