About Us

IPS®… the Plumbing Industry’s Pioneer

Through continuous innovation for over a half century, IPS Corporation is enabling plumbers to do a faster, more professional job. We were first to produce a reliable cement for use with PVC, CPVC, and ABS pipe and fittings, and first to introduce plastic recessed washing machine and ice maker outlet boxes. Today our industry leading products are proudly manufactured at facilities throughout the world and available through a nationwide network of customer-focused distributors.

Established in 1954, IPS® Corporation has grown tremendously over the past 60+ years. We are the trusted leader in manufacturing adhesives, solvent cements, and numerous components and supplies for the plumbing, construction and plastic fabrication industries. Our core brands include WELD-ON®, WATER-TITE®, TEST-TITE®, GUY GRAY™, TRUEBRO®, and STUDOR® and our quality products are manufactured with proven formulation and design using state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing techniques.

Headquartered in California, IPS Corp. has operations throughout the United States, as well as China, and a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors.

Our Commitment

IPS Corporation is committed to our customers in all aspects of our operation and in all functions of our company:

Excellent customer service – Our skilled team is readily available to help customers with product selection and ordering. We are experts in international shipping and our international customer service staffs are certified in hazardous material shipment.

Professional technical service – Our technical specialists provide professional recommendations and product application training to suit the needs of our customers.

Expert R&D – Our research scientists and engineers have vast technical knowledge to develop the most technically advanced and innovative product to meet our customers’ needs.

Corporate ResponsibilityIPS Corporation is committed to providing the resources, educational support and improved technologies that help to improve the lives of people around the world. From supporting global initiatives that aim to end world water poverty, to the support of local charities, to being an innovator and early-provider of environmentally responsible products, we at IPS Corporation believe in fostering sustainability.



1954 WELD-ON® : First solvent welding products for America’s plumbing industry

1969 WATER-TITE: First plastic washing machine box

1978 WATER-TITE: First ice maker box, recessing supply valve in the wall

1987 WATER-TITE: First adjustable, multi-size residential roof vent flashings

1998 STUDOR®: IPS Corporation acquires STUDOR, Inc.

2000 GUY GRAY: IPS Corporation acquires respected GUY GRAY line of boxes.

2004 TRUEBRO®: IPS Corporation acquires TRUEBRO, Inc.

2005 WATER-TITE: Patented Techno Flange and Single Shot products eliminate installation risks, reduce installation time.

2009 WELD-ON®: Entire line of solvent cements and primers for plastic piping systems is all low-VOC, all the time

2010 TEST-TITE®: Mechanical cleanout test plug requires no tools for quick installation
2010 TEST-TITE®: Patented pressure relief pneumatic test plug reduces risk of over-inflation

2011 AB&A: IPS Corporation acquires AB&A Corp. and its line of bath drains

2012 WELD-ON®: Weld-On launches a line of cements exclusively for the plumbing industry

2013 WATER-TITE & GUY GRAY: IPS Corporation announces a full lead-free product offering

2015 WATER-TITE: Water-Tite launches the MultiBox System

2016 ROOF TOP BLOX®: IPS Corporation acquires Roof Top Blox

2017 Water-Tite: Water-Tite launches new line of Kitchen Boxes

2018 AB&A: AB&A adds Champagne Bronze and Matte Black finishes to offering
2018 WATER-TITE & GUY GRAY: IPS Corporation offers REHAU EVERLOC+ valve connections

2019 DRY LIFT AND PRO SERIES PANS: IPS Corporation acquires Tough Pans drain pan line
2019 T Christy’s: IPS Corporation acquires T Christy Enterprises