Thin Sponge Overflow Gasket

Product Description and Features

Create a watertight seal and prevent unwanted tub leaks with the AB&A 69998 Waste and Overflow Thin Sponge Overflow Gasket. Designed for thicker tubs such as marble, this sponge fits between the overflow elbow and the tub. The overflow gasket provides a seal around the overflow pipe. Over time, overflow gaskets can dry out and become compressed, causing the seal to leak. The AB&A Waste and Overflow Thin Sponge Overflow Gasket is an ideal replacement for existing overflow gaskets that are worn-out and faulty, ensuring your waste and overflow system operates effectively.

  • Replacement gasket for tub overflow systems
  • A cost-effective solution for repairing leaky tubs
  • Provides a watertight seal around bathtub overflow pipes
  • Compatible with all schedule 40, tubular-plastic, and classic tubular-brass overflows
  • Can help prevent damaging bathtub drain leaks
  • ** California Residents: WARNING –






Thin Sponge Overflow Gasket (for thick tubs)



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