Closet Flange Extension Rings

Product Description and Features

Effectively raise your existing closet flange setup to sit flush with the floor with Water-Tite Closet Flange Extension Rings. Measuring 1/4-inch thick, these plumbing extension rings allow contractors and homeowners to stack as many rings as needed to build up closet flanges when new flooring leaves it below grade, preventing a proper seal. They feature an all-PVC construction that offers exceptional durability and easy alignment of bolts and screws. Water-Tite Closet Flange Extension Rings can be bought in pairs or as a kit, which includes three extension rings, two closet bolts, two nuts, and two washers for an all-in-one installation solution.

  • Builds-up existing closet flange when new flooring leaves it below grade for proper seal
  • At 1/4" thick, multiples may be stacked to desired height
  • 1 pair per header sleeve
  • ** California Residents: WARNING –






Pair of 1/4″ Thick Extension Rings


20 Pr.


Kit of 3 Extension Rings & 2 Closet Bolts, Nuts, Washers


20 Kits

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