Closet Flange Stabilizer

Product Description and Features

Designed to eliminate rocking, the Water-Tite 86133 Closet Flange Stabilizer is a simple and economical solution to ensure your toilet rests firmly against bathroom flooring. Ideal for concrete slabs and wooden floors, this toilet stabilizer fits securely around 4-inch drain lines that have been cut so the top sits slightly above the floor level. To install, use the base of the stabilizer to determine the right pipe height for cutting. After cutting and installing your pipe, simply place the flange stabilizer pad around it and secure the pad to the subfloor with screws or nails; then install the closet flange on top. This square flange stabilizer measures 9-3/8 by 9-3/8 inches, creating a large cushioned and stable area for the closet flange and toilet to sit.






4″ Closet Flange Stabilizer



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