Classic Half Kits with Test Kit & Direct Drain Fitting – Push eN Lift Stopper

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Product Description and Features

Compatible with AB&A’s flexible one-piece direct drain piping, AB&A Classic Waste and Overflow Direct Drain Half Kit gives installers the confidence that they will complete the job correctly the first time. Ideal for use in installations where baths are installed back to back, such as apartments, hotels, and condos, this half kit includes waste and overflow trim, an overflow elbow, and a 1-1/2-inch direct drain shoe for consistent and streamlined installation. The high-flow-capacity overflow plate is slotted to provide greater drainage through the tub overflow, draining water at a rate of 7 GPM (gallons per minute) compared to the output of a typical tub spout of 5-6 GPM. The Push eN Lift Stopper allows for easy plugging and unplugging of the tub drain. Designed for quick, tool-free installation, the push-on overflow plate can be easily secured to the overflow elbow with a simple push for a snug fit against the tub wall. This kit also includes an additional thin gasket for thick-walled tubs as well as a test kit for pressure testing your waste and overflow system. The stopper, strainer, and overflow plate all feature a chrome finish.

  • “Classic” high-flow capacity slotted overflow plate provides greater drainage through the tub overflow
  • Thin gasket included for thick-walled tubs (e.g. marble)
  • Strainer and stopper are brass unless noted
  • California Residents: WARNING –





ABS Half Kits with Classic Test Kit


Direct Drain “Classic” with Push eN Lift Stopper Chrome



PVC Half Kits with Classic Test Kit


Direct Drain “Classic” with Push eN Lift Stopper Chrome



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