Fire-Rated Studor® Air Admittance Valve Box Kit

Product Description and Features

Connect and conceal your air admittance valve with the Studor Fire-Rated Air Admittance Valve Recessed Outlet Box with Redi-Vent and Louvered Frame. This white PVC fire-rated recessed outlet box is designed to be installed in the stud bay and comes with an accessory grill faceplate that keeps the included Redi-Vent AAV (air admittance valve) hidden from view. The one-way valve automatically opens and takes in fresh air when negative pressure (suction) occurs from a fixture discharging into the plumbing system. When the water flow stops, the Redi-Vent AAV closes naturally due to gravity, preventing the circulation of any bad bathroom or drain odors. With a capacity of 20 DFUs (drain fixture units) on a branch, this economical negative pressure valve creates essential ventilation that prevents the loss of water seals in traps, eliminating the need to install expensive and unsightly roof penetrations and vent piping.

  • PVC fire-rated recessed air admittance valve (AAV) outlet box with Redi-Vent; connects to 1-1/2-inch or 2-inch ABS or PVC piping
  • AAV (up to 20 DFUs) creates ventilation that prevents the loss of water seals in traps; features exclusive vermin protection system that keeps out bugs and foreign objects
  • California Residents: WARNING –






Aux. Drain Box, Redi-Vent, Louvered Frame



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