719™ PVC Gray, Extra Heavy-Bodied, Slow-Setting

Product Description and Features

Tackle tough PVC pipe installation while keeping environmental impact to a minimum with Weld-On 705ECO PVC Specialty Solvent Cement. This ultra-low-VOC PVC cement offers a significantly lower solvent emissions rate than other solvent cements on the market–but without compromising bond strength or performance. The significant reduction in odorous fumes and emissions helps improve workplace conditions for pipe installers. Formulated for versatility, this high-strength PVC pipe cement is suitable for use with a wide range of PVC classes and schedules and is compatible with interference fits. It excels across a variety of applications, including potable water pressure systems, irrigation, turf, foam core, and conduits. And thanks to its medium-bodied viscosity and fast relative set time, this PVC solvent cement applies smoothly and sets quickly to help facilitate efficient PVC welding.

  • Extra heavy-bodied, slow-setting, low-VOC PVC cement for all classes and schedules with interference fit, including Schedule 80 through 30" (800 mm) diameter
  • Premium, high-strength formulation for large size industrial piping systems
  • Ideal for fabrication of large fittings and applications requiring high gap filling properties. Suitable for irrigation, conduit, pressure and non-pressure applications
  • Available in gray and white






Quart Triple Tight Paint Can




Gallon Wide-mouth Can



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