780™ PVC Plumbing, Clear, Regular-Bodied and PVC Primer, Purple Twin Pack

Product Description and Features

Formulated for versatility, Weld-On 780 PVC Plumbing Solvent Cement delivers high-strength bonding and stability that plumbing professionals can rely on for a variety of piping installations. This PVC plumbing cement creates a deep fusion between pipes and fittings with an interference fit up to a 4-inch diameter. It is suitable for all classes and schedules of PVC, except Schedule 80. The clear PVC plumbing solvent cement excels across a range of applications, including potable water pressure systems, sewers, and DWV (drain, waste, and vent) systems. With its regular-bodied viscosity and fast relative set time, this PVC plumbing solvent cement applies smoothly and sets quickly to facilitate efficient PVC welding.

Ensure your plumbing pipe joints are strong and well fused with Weld-On Plumbing PVC/CPVC Primer. Compatible with all schedules, sizes, and classes of PVC and CPVC pipes and fittings, this PVC/CPVC cement primer helps ensure that every joint you weld is properly fused. Once applied, it acts quickly to soften the joining surfaces, helping to promote maximum fusion during welding. Follow with the plumbing solvent cement of your choice to achieve a strong, high-contact, and long-lasting joint.

  • Regular-bodied, fast-setting, low-VOC PVC cement for all classes and schedules with interference fit through 4" (110 mm) diameter (except Schedule 80)
  • Specially formulated for plumbing applications, including PVC foam core pipe






1/2 Pt. Can with Applicator Cap, Cement and Primer Twin Pack



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