IPS® Corporation Introduces Water-Tite Professional Grade Drain Cleaner

Cuts through the toughest clogs, safe for most pipe systems

Collierville, Tenn., March 26, 2012 — IPS® Corporation has expanded its extensive line of Water-Tite brand plumbing products to include new Water-Tite Professional Grade Drain Cleaner, combining the unsurpassed strength of a modified 93% sulfuric acid emulsion with the benefits of the industry’s first integral, resealable packaging.

Specially formulated to cut through the toughest clogs, Water-Tite Professional Grade Drain Cleaner is a highly migrational and enhanced penetrating drain opener for emergency and every day use by experienced professionals. The sulfuric acid-based emulsion works by bonding to organic matter and reacting to liquefy the contaminants on contact. Water-Tite Professional Grade Drain Cleaner dissolves a wide range of common clogs, including grease, soap scum, hair, wood, sanitary napkins, and paper, and it is safe for most piping systems and septic tanks.

Water-Tite Professional Grade Drain Cleaner comes in a unique packaging that features an acid-resistant bag that is permanently integrated with the bottle – an industry first. The integrated, resealable plastic bag helps prevent damage or injury from spills or leaks after bottles have been opened. The product is available in heavy grade pitch bottles in quart, half gallon and gallon sizes.