IPS® Corporation Introduces Guy Gray™ Dialysis Supply & Waste Box

Collierville, Tenn., February 5, 2014 — IPS® Corporation has expanded the extensive line of widely trusted Guy Gray products to include Dialysis Supply and Waste Boxes. They are designed specifically for reverse osmosis and deionized water mixed with dialysate saline. The Guy Gray Dialysis Box provides a single service box for processing waste safely and effectively, and is built from 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion and bacterial growth.

The models available include one or two supply valves for greater flexibility with hospital requirements. The Guy Gray Dialysis Box is sturdy and secure, with continuous welded seams to provide a water-tight seal. Two adjustable stainless steel mounting flanges are provided for easy securement of the box to the wall, which eliminates the need to build supports. The stainless steel frame provides a clean finish and is adjustable to accommodate up to two 5/8” drywall. In addition, the access door and frame may be positioned in any convenient orientation and includes a concealed hinge with a Cam Cylinder Lock and two keys. As Guy Gray remains the #1 choice of Outlet Boxes in the industry, IPS assures the same quality and reliability will be delivered yet again.