IPS® Corporation Launches Water-Tite MultiBox™ System for Recessed Plumbing Applications

Collierville, Tenn., February 1, 2016 — IPS Corporation announced the launch of the Water-Tite MultiBox™ System, a strong and versatile plumbing outlet box for use in virtually any application to recess a plumbing connection.

“With its introduction in 1969, Water-Tite became the industry standard for laundry connections,” said Trey Brady, Product Manager. “The introduction of the MultiBox promises to continue our history of innovation by providing professional plumbers a product that helps them do a better job faster, no matter the application.”

The MultiBox System is available with numerous valve options, including fire-rated options, and can be installed in multiple configurations to meet the most confining design situations. The MultiBox System can be installed as a single-box system, an easy-to-connect two-box system, or a three-box system including a Studor® Air Admittance Valve. The MultiBox washing machine outlet box can conveniently house both valves and a drain in the same box. Plus, for a system with separate valve and drain boxes, the MultiBox valve box can be optionally piped to the drain-waste-vent (DWV) system to capture any hose leaks.

“Plumbing professionals have counted on Water-Tite to bring them innovative products,” added Brady. “We introduced the first recessed, plastic washing machine outlet box, and now with the introduction of the MultiBox System we are offering them the broadest outlet box portfolio in the market.”

Information about the numerous products available in the MultiBox System can be found on IPS Corporation’s website at www.ipscorp.com/plumbing. MultiBox videos demonstrating features and installation options can be viewed here on YouTube.