IPS® Corporation Introduces Water-Tite and Guy Gray™ Fire-Rated Outlet Boxes with REHAU EVERLOC+™ Valve Connections

Collierville, Tenn., April 24, 2018 – IPS® Corporation, the world’s leading innovator in outlet box technology, has expanded its extensive line of Water-Tite & Guy Gray Fire-Rated plumbing product brands to include outlet boxes with REHAU EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve connections.

REHAU EVERLOC+ connections will be available on the following outlet boxes:

Washing Machine Outlet Boxes with REHAU EVERLOC+ VALVES:

Ice Maker & Kitchen Outlet Boxes with REHAU EVERLOC+ VALVES:

This addition of EVERLOC+ valve connections provides contractors with increased flexibility and confidence in knowing they are prepared for any challenge they meet.

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