Two-Hole Half Kits – PVC with Test Kit & Direct Drain Fitting

Schedule 40 Waste & Overflow

Product Description and Features

The AB&A Two-Hole Waste and Overflow Half Kit includes everything you need to replace or install a new waste and overflow system in your bathtub with your existing piping. Compatible with Schedule 40 PVC piping, this half kit includes a high-flow-capacity overflow plate that is slotted to provide greater drainage through the tub overflow, draining water at a rate of 7 GPM (gallons per minute) compared to the output of a typical tub spout of 5-6 GPM. The Toe Touch Stopper allows for easy plugging and unplugging of the tub drain. Designed for quick, tool-free installation, this waste and overflow kit features a convenient push-on overflow cover plate that secures to the overflow elbow with a simple push for a snug fit against the tub wall. An additional thin gasket is included for thick-walled tubs made of material such as marble, as well as a test kit that allows the waste and overflow system to be pressure tested for safety. AB&A waste and overflow kits are available in full, half, rough/trim, and finish kit configurations and in a variety of finishes to complement today’s designs and customer preferences, delivering consistent high quality in both new construction and retrofit markets.


  • Two-hole waste and overflow full kit for Schedule 40 PVC piping
  • Chrome finish (strainer, stopper, and overflow plate)
  • California Residents: WARNING –





ABS with Two-Hole Test Kit


Two-Hole ABS Half Kits Push eN Lift Chrome Plated, 1-1/2″ Direct Drain Shoe



PVC with Two-Hole Test Kit


Two-Hole PVC Half Kit Push eN Lift Chrome Plated, 1-1/2″ Direct Drain Shoe



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