FloodStop® Dual Pump Install Kit

Product Description and Features

Installing a second sump pump has never been easier. The FloodStop® Dual Pump Install Kit has everything you need to connect 2 sump pumps to a single discharge line. There’s no need to purchase PVC pipe, elbows, couplings and cement. No cutting or messy glue. Simply screw the check valves into both pumps, drop the Y-connector into the check valve boots, attach the rubber boot to the top of the Y-connector and then to your existing discharge line. Tighten all the stainless steel clamps with a screwdriver and you’re done. Install your pumps in a fraction of the time, since there’s no cutting or gluing required. The Dual Pump Install Kit includes: Y-Connector, 2 1-1/2 in. Threaded Silent Check Valves, Stainless Steel Clamps and Buna-N Rubber Couplings. This kit is compatible with all pumps that have a standard 1-1/2 in. NPT pump discharge/output.

  • Everything you need to connect 2 sump pumps to a single 1 1/2″ discharge line.
  • Connects 2 primary sump pumps OR primary and backup pump.
  • Easy installation with a standard screwdriver…no glue or cement required.
  • Full flow 1-1/2″ check valves and Y-connector allows maximum pump output.
  • Silent check valves eliminate water hammering for quiet operation.






FloodStop® Dual Pump Install Kit



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