FloodStop® Threaded Sump Pump Check Valve

Product Description and Features

Engineered to allow for maximum flow from your sump pump. The FloodStop® “full-flow” check valves prevent the water that remains in the sump discharge pipe from falling back into the sump pit. This avoids pumping the same water twice, extending the life of your pump. Features: A unique spring loaded flapper eliminates the nuisance water hammer noise of standard check valves; Durable ABS Construction for years of Service and Reliability; 1.5 inch Buna-N rubber coupling for connecting the check valve with 1.5 inch sump pump discharge pipes; All Stainless Steel Hose Clamps to prevent rust and corrosion for a secure, leak proof connection.

  • Quiet sump pump threaded check valve
  • The unique spring loaded flapper eliminates the water hammer noise of standard check valves
  • 100% Stainless steel clamps included-fits 1-1/2″ pipe
  • Threads directly into the pump’s 1-1/2″ Outlet to connect it to a 1-1/2″ Pipe
  • Pre-drilled weep hole to eliminate air lock that may occur in bottom suction pumps






FloodStop® 1.5″ Threaded Black Sump Pump Check Valve



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