FloodStop® Uninterruptible Power Supply

Product Description and Features

FloodStop’s Uninterruptible Power Supply will provide you with the ability to stay connected during a power outage. Features two outlets on the back that can be used exclusively for your modem or router. The small and compact design allows for discrete storage. Contains an auto-restart function that will keep the unit charged and ready. The UPS surge protector ensures your connected devices will be safe from power spikes. When the power goes out, the FloodStop Uninterruptible Power Supply provides guaranteed power for your modem and wireless router so you can maintain a network connection for your FloodStop WiFi-connected devices when you need it most!
Note: Will not power a sump pump.
  • Provides a battery backup for router and modem
  • Can be used as a dedicated modem and router UPS, providing power for up to 6 hours during a power outage
  • The UPS surge protector will keep your devices safe from power spikes
  • Capacity: 650VA / 360W, Input: 120V, Battery: 12V / 7Ah






FloodStop® Uninterruptible Power Supply



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