Benefits of using Studor products:

  • Reduces roof penetration
  • Reduces vent pipe roof flashings that eventually leak
  • Reduces unsightly vent pipes
  • Prevents vermin and pests from entering the buildings through open vent pipes
  • Prevents possibility of shearing off of vent pipes, due to snow slides
  • Reduces pollution of the environment by sewer gas, and prevents sewer gases from being drawn into air conditioning units and air handlers and polluting habitable spaces
  • Provides architects and engineers freedom of layout and design
  • Serves as an early warning system of a blockage in the building drain
  • Reduces the number of fire stopping devices
  • Reduces structural damage caused by holes drilled through joists and studs to install open vent piping
  • Lowers the risk of plumbers falling from ladders and roof tops associated with the installation of open vent pipes
  • Eliminates the need to coordinate work schedules between roofers and plumbers
  • Solves problem to vent island sinks, wet bars and other fixtures in difficult locations
  • Makes remodeling easier
  • Possibility to complete more jobs in less time than venting to the outside. This results in increased income for the contractors and plumbers while saving the property owner and builder money
  • By reducing construction costs there will be more construction which will create more jobs for plumbers and other trades


Air admittance valves substantially simplify venting of DWV systems in commercial and residential applications without jeopardizing the health, safety and welfare of the public