MultiBox™ Fire-Rated Auxiliary Drain Box (Box Only)

Product Description and Features

The Water-Tite MultiBox Outlet Box gives contractors and homeowners versatile configuration options, so they can arrange the box to fit their particular needs. This outlet box is ETL Certified and fire rated for both one- and two-hour-rated walls. It features an intumescent pad attached to the back of the box that swells in the event of fire, acting as an insulator to prevent excessive heat from passing through the structure. The outlet box comes without valves and has multiple valve knockouts and two drains: one for a standard 2-inch washing machine drain and an optional 1-inch drain to pipe the box to the DWV (drain, waste, and vent) system. This outlet box has integrated mounting flanges for easy installation, as well as top and bottom stabilizer-bar slots and nail slots for optional extra support. Water-Tite MultiBox Outlet Boxes are available with standard open faceplates (with integrated cable tie bosses to secure drain hoses), louvered faceplates (ideal for concealing air admittance valves), and solid faceplates (great for boxes housing main shut-off valves). Each faceplate measures 6-1/2 inches wide by 6-7/8 inches high, can accommodate up to two sheets of 5/8-inch drywall, and is interchangeable with all MultiBox outlet boxes.

  • Mounting flanges - no clips to lose or hassle with
  • Top and bottom stabilizer bar slots
  • Nail slots
  • Nine valve knock-outs
  • Two drain knock-outs: 2" in standard washing machine drain, optional 1" to pipe valve box to DWV system
  • Integrated drain knock outs will not fall down the drain after DWV test
  • Anti-rotational valve design
  • Faceplates fit any box configuration, including fire-rated
  • All faceplates fit up to two sheets of 5/8" drywall
  • Standard faceplate includes cable tie bosses to secure drain hose
  • California Residents: WARNING –






Drain Box Only, Open Frame




Drain Box Only, Solid Frame




Drain Box Only, Louvered Frame