Stain Free Soft Seal™ Plumbers Putty

Product Description and Features

Reliably set and seal a wide range of plumbing fixtures with Weld-On Soft Seal Plumber’s Putty. Suitable for use with PVC and CPVC plastic, and any type of metal, this stain-free plumber’s putty sets and tightens fixtures without leaving behind unsightly stains. It is specially formulated to stay soft and flexible, and will not shrink, bleed, harden, crack, or crumble—even if you leave the container open on the shelf. Soft Seal Plumber’s Putty is also gas-proof, odor-proof, and water resistant, making it an ideal choice for setting toilet bowls, faucets, strainers, basin cocks, sink frames, and may other sealing and caulking applications.

  • Stain-free for use on granite, marble, stone, quartz and fiberglass
  • For setting and sealing plumbing fixtures and drains
  • Do not apply on ABS surfaces
  • Will not harden, crack or crumble
  • 100% waterproof
  • Complies with Federal Specification TT-P-1536A






14 Oz. Poly Tub



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