FAQs Water-Tite

Is there a Top Mount option (for the valves) for the Center Drain and Dual Drain Boxes?

Yes, both boxes can be converted to a Top Mount application by turning the box upside down and utilizing the drain molded to the top of the box.

Can valves with hammer arresters be installed upside down?

Yes, hammer arresters can be installed at any angle.

How do I knock out the test caps on my washing machine outlet box?

Instructions are hosted here.

How do I connect the drain pipe to the box?

The drain connection for all of these boxes is a solvent weld connection. So you would use the appropriate solvent cement as would be used on that type of pipe – PVC cement for PVC pipe & ABS cement for ABS pipe. Both PVC & ABS cement are compatible with the boxes – which are made of styrene.

I need to connect my plastic box to cast iron (or any metal) pipe. How do I do that?

You will need to use a “no-hub” coupling to make that connection – contingent on local code.

Does the faceplate for the Center Drain Box fit the Dual Drain Box and vice versa?

Yes, both of these boxes receive the same faceplate: 89267

Are the faceplates paintable?

Yes, all plastic Water-Tite faceplates are paintable.

How do I know which type of PEX connection to choose?

It depends on the type of PEX pipe it is being connected to, but other than that it is just installer preference. If you have PEX B pipe, then you need to use F1807 PEX connections. If you have PEX A pipe, then you can choose either F1960 (Wirsbo/Uponor) PEX or Rehau Everloc+. If you have not yet selected the type of pipe/system to use, there are numerous resources on the internet to help you with that decision, but it largely comes down to cost and ease of installation – some of the ones that are easier to install require more expensive tools for the installation.

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